About Property Fanatic

Scouting and analyzing cinematic locations with film production management and business eyes.

Property Fanatic is on the mission to make film and tv production management, traveling experiences and business investments more exciting by bringing in extensive cross-industry knowledge and passion.

​​Here you’ll find cinematic locations from Romania, Canary Islands (a lot of Tenerife), The Islands of Cabo Verde (or Cape Verde) and other countries and production & business hubs where Georgia travels, works or reads about. 


She reviews properties, hot spots and cinematic locations looking at the production management and business potential, highlighting a variety of logistic and operational issues, challenges and opportunities.

When you work with her, you’ll be collaborating with a Visioneer and detail-oriented professional that brings an exceptional level of competence and insight to every project.

About Georgia

curious about everything

Property Fanatic is Georgia’s hobby project, a platform that allows the diversity of her skills, knowledge, passions, and curiosity to naturally emerge. As a freestyle content producer, she does her own photos, videos, and texts.

Georgia is an experienced hands-on multi-facets thinker, her portfolio including over a decade of entrepreneurship, mission, and problem-oriented business coaching, international film, and tv productions, serial award-winning problem-solving in global open innovation competitions, books and video courses for small business owners, young and first-time entrepreneurs.

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