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Canarian style rural yellow house in Tenerife North.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Today I went to see a rural house in the North of Tenerife island, somewhere in Los Realejos municipality. I am scouting a location that needs to have some specific particularities, as it has to be suitable for a small business idea that has a vision of its own. The island is a ideal for a business in tourism and healthcare revitalization due to its popularity, proximity to all major European capitals and perfect climate. Its 360 sunny days a year makes it a fit location for a variety of revenue generating ideas.

During the last years, the island became quite expensive in the real estate area, it is a challenge to find a property that is not overpriced. It is also because the conflicts in its competitor locations like Egypt and Turkey, among other things.

This was the second time I went to this property. I am interested in to see it at various moments of the day, during sunny, rainy or cloudy days, and to reassess my thoughts and possibilities. Being weekend this time, I also had time to explore the surroundings.

This is how I found this piece of jewelry, a typical Canarian house that I loved at first sight. It was not its cinematic look that caught my eye, as what it inspired me. A sort of calm, wilderness and peace, things hard to find nowadays on the continent. A very nice retreat location. There are many foreigners of all nationalities that buy second homes and retreat locations here in Tenerife. They come a few months a year for the sun and climate and many rent them out in between.

Typical Canarian architecture style yellow rural house

At a first sight I'd say it has no more than a bedroom, living room, outdoor kitchen and bathroom. It does not have more than 80 sqm. This particular property has about 3,000 sqm of land. You can cultivate here lemons, avocados, oranges and other things. You can also implement mobile farm tents to diversify your cultures and plants.

Rural houses from a tourism business perspective in Tenerife

These types of properties in these rural regions usually sit on rustic type of land. This means that the building on it must not go above a small percent from the overall size of the plot (cca 2-10%). Depending on the municipality, the percent varies. The owners are also restricted when it comes to the height of the construction, they are most often than not limited to ground floor, so legally you cannot build on top or expand your habitable/management place. Depending on the region, there may also be exceptions.

However, these types of properties, if bigger or if transformed into a business concept, may become subject of rural tourism, an activity that usually generates attractive revenues on a such dynamic tourist spot like this island. How you transform them...well, that's an art! You also need a bit of entrepreneurial sense to make it work and of course, money and a reliable team.

Leaving rural tourism aside, you can find here the Tourism Strategy of Tenerife 2020/2030, a good source of information to get yourself a better overview of the island business potential.

Number of tourists visiting the Canary Islands in 2017, by island (in millions)

If you want to explore also the Domestic Tourism, you can have a look on the website Turismo de Islas Canarias and download the stats here.

Another type of data that should be of interest to you from a business view is also the Tenerife and other islands tourism capacity, tourists profiles, trends and other related info.

Rural houses from a real estate perspective in Tenerife

From a real estate perspective, this type of rural house is an interesting investment, if you want to live in a natural habitat. It may be also rented out to residents or temporary residents (foreigners who are looking to relocate or who experience a sabatic time of life), but that would be harder as it is not too close to shops, gas stations, public transportation etc, so you need to identify the right resident profile for this property.

If you want to live in peaceful and natural place like this one, without being isolated for the community, but having enough space for privacy at the same time, this type of property is a good option, but you need to take into account that from the day 1, you'll need a car. If that is not a problem for you, then you got yourself an oasis that would only uplift your overall state of mind and healthcare.

You may not have the fastest exit with a rural home type of property, but that also depends on how you maintain it. From my experience, well maintained properties sell faster and at better prices. Good properties always behave like this. On the other hand, the more cinematic it is, the way you transform and decorate the property, the better is the story it tells and the faster you sell it.

I estimate the value of this type of property at a starting price of about 130.000 Euros. It may be more or less depending on the surface of the habitable space, utilities, land and its proximity to the main road of access.

The yellow Canaria rural home from the perspective of film, tv and other media and video production

On site, this property has all utilities, so that won't be a problem for your production necessities. There is also enough space for bigger teams, to set your base camp.

The road to the property is a bit difficult as it is quite tight and uphill, so you need good drivers and cars in good condition.

There are also neighbours with children in the area, bikers and motorbikers popping up from wilder pathways, so you may take that into account when shooting, from sound control perspective.

One of the things you need to correctly evaluate here is all the things you need from a store/shop/hypermarket and make sure you have enough supplies for your production team and necessities there. You may need 10-20 minutes driving to reach to a small shop and about 30-40 minutes to go in the hypermarket area.

The area is a mountain zone located at an altitude of about 2 km above the sea level, so it is a bit humid, sometimes cloudy and rainy. The clarity of horizons and the weather are things hard to predict, as the island is characterized by microclimate and it changes all the time. It also depends on the time of the year you want to shoot in this area.

From a cinematic angle this location is ideal for scripts involving retreat homes, writers, farming life, escape properties for people running away from the continent and hiding, inserts with stunning landscape etc.

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