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Oriental mosaic style shooting studio, a unique apartment in Bucharest.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Unique mosaic apartment in Bucharest. Oriental style shooting studio location.

Oriental style shooting studio mosaic apartment in Bucharest

This very cinematic small apartment belongs to a friend of mine from Bucharest. She is passionate about the oriental culture, travelling and mosaic. It is an interesting option for shooting studio or film location.

The apartment has a surface of about 60 sqm, it has a hallway, kitchen, one bathroom, livingroom, bedroom with open balcony and an open view over a green field and industrial landscape, an area in the Southern part of Bucharest crowded with very dynamic real estate developers.

The apartment is located at the top floor of a ten stores block of flats with one elevator surrounded by parking lots in a high traffic area, thing that makes it a bit noisy from sound recording perspective.

She has a rich creative flow on mosaic and painting, so the entire apartment is dressed in vivid colours, mosaic, oriental art decor pieces and paintings.

The windows are also painted, a thing that offers this warm apartment a very special and discreet light or require light adjustments depending on director's vision.

From production management logistics, the apartment is very accessible, not so comfortable for shooting with large teams due to its small surface, there are spots outside to set the basecamp and plenty of hypermarkets and stores in the area to buy the extra things you might need during your production, including covering your catering needs.

This location is very loved by the expats living in Bucharest, Romania or for foreign tourists willing to experiment life in more depth in the city. From time to time, my friend is open to rent her place to foreigners willing to experience a different vibe in Bucharest.

I will come back with updated photos featuring also the rest of this mosaic home, in the meantime enjoy the older ones.

Mosaic floor. Oriental style apartment.

Creative apartment for shooting

Vivid colours and mosaic oriental style apartment in Bucharest

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